26 Jun. 2023

With ITRA Point and UTMB Index, Xeskouriazo Trail is here!

The organization of “XeSkouriaZo Trail” is celebrating its 10th anniversary. In this 10th mountain running race, we have chosen to upgrade both the race and its trails, as well as provide points to athletes who want to participate in international events.

For this reason, we submitted an application for membership to the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) and the UTMB organization for approval and inclusion in their calendars.

Just today, “XeSkouriaZo Trail 24km” has been approved, and we are excited to announce it. Xeskouriazo is now an official member of ITRA, and the 24km race has been included in both the ITRA ranking (1 – ITRA Point) and the UTMB Index.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements…
Join us on October 1st at Megali Panagia, in a race dedicated to our forests, our waters, our lives.

🏃🏻‍♀️ We run for Environment.
We run for Life.
We run against Destruction.🏃