27 Sep. 2023

INFO & EVENT PROGRAM: 10th Xeskouriazo Trail

The days are approaching for the 10th “XeSkouriaZo Trail”, a race for the forests, the water, and life! The races are dedicated to the struggle against gold-copper mining that threatens the mountain, the waters, the lives of the residents of Halkidiki, and the broader region.

Event Program:

RACE START 24km (+1200m): 10:00am

RACE START 14km (+560m): 11:30am

RACE START 5km: 11:15am

Technical Description & gpx:

All athletes will receive participation medals.

Xeskouriazo Trail 24km

  • Overall Category
  • Category 18-34 [up to and including the year 1989]
  • Category 35-49
  • Category 50+ [from 1973 and older]

– Xeskouriazo Trail 14km

  • Overall Category
  • Category 50+ [from 1973 and older]

– Road Race 5km

  • Overall Category

After the awards ceremony is completed, there will be a traditional feast in the village square with the traditional band “Dromolagnoi.”